Fellowship of Haitian Evangelical Pastors of New England

Our history

The fellowship of the Haitian Evangelical pastors of  New England was created to have followship among the Haitian clergymen proclaiming the message of the gospel in the 1990’s by the initiative of elder Haitian pastors. Since then, the fellowship has been in existence and thrive to fulfill its mandate in the community. On an annual basis, the fellowship has been organizing a crusade that usually takes place on the second week in the month of July, and a pastoral retreat to encourage and support pastors and their spouses in ministry. The following men of God have had the privilege of leading the organization as president.

PASTORS NETWORK : In Boston, the Fellowship of Haitian Evangelical Pastors of New England, an organization Rev. Soliny Vedrine cofounded and led for many years, works to build relationships cross-denominationally among the region’s Haitian pastors and churches, now networking dozens of churches in New England. Since 1993, the Fellowship of Haitian Evangelical Pastors of New England has sponsored a Boston Haitian Crusade which annually draws more than 2,000 Haitians from Greater Boston for a weekend of worship and teaching. A similar conference is held for Haitian youth.

Rev. Soliny Vedrine
1993 –1998
Rev. Thomas St-Louis
1998  –  2001
    Rev. J.M.Dumornay 
2001-  2003  | 2018 –2019
Rev. Paul Daniel
2003 – 2006
Rev. Michel Louis
2006 –2010
     Rev. Marc Biennestin
2010 – 22018              
Jean Marie Clerveau
2019 –  Present




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