Embracing the leaders of our Haitian Christian Community

The purpose consists of providing Haitian Evangelical pastors of New England a platform whereby its members will be provided ministry support, fellowship, spiritual development, cultural awareness, social services and needed resources, for the advancement and the well-being of each individual. It is aimed also at providing an environment for members of the association/fellowship to stay in the word, and even encourage them to attend a Bible school or a Theological Seminary. 

F. H. E.P. N. E., Inc. exists to glorify God through the implementation of the following:

* Great Commandment and the Great Commission of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. To bring technical, theological, and human resources to its members so that they will be empowered and equipped to serve the people of God.

* To provide pastoral care to its members so that they are able to operate in good spiritual and mental health while serving the people of God.

* To assess the social needs of the Christian community and provide guidance and resources where needed.

* To remain active/alert as the hands and feet of Jesus in time of natural disaster here in the U. S and abroad

* To meet regularly and to reflect on the needs of the community not only spiritually, but also mentally and socially.

* To have conversations about the welfare of the elderlies in our community. 

* To provide assistance/support to its members by directing them to places where they will find professional services with their immigration and housing needs for those who are affected in the community. 

A Pastor needs to be in good health .

We focus on both mental and physical health of our pastors and their church members by organizing workshop sessions regularly.

Working together in unity

We work in unity with all men, women, children, young and old for the advancement of the kingdom of God.

Social services

we are deeply involved in our community here and in our alma matter Haiti